From Scratch

Custom builds make our socks go up and down, and this latest one in Howard County is no different! The general design idea behind this home is to make it look like it is from the 1800’s, but it of course possesses modern day features and styling.

One of the most interesting things about this project is that its square footage is 10,000 but it is designed to look like it is only 2,500. The lot feels like you are in the middle of nowhere and we tore down an old house to accommodate the new one. Highlights from this project so far include geothermal flooring throughout and an 18-20 foot deep basement that was created solely to house a skate ramp. In addition, James Hardy Artisan Series siding has been specified for the exterior which promises a beautiful high performing look that is also reminiscent of older farmhouses.

Smithouse recommended that all trim be 1″ thick, providing a “heftier” look. All stairs are also 2″ thick, giving the home a more rustic feel.

We have been able to use the timbers from the house that was removed which has been great from a recycling and environmental point of view. The third floor will have a cool pop up style office. Currently we are in “mechanicals” stage and putting up drywall, stone and siding!

Check back often to watch the progress of this house!


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