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We, along with our architecture partner on this recent project, Brennan + Company of Ellicott City, were very happy that our client possessed an appreciation for bringing this significant, historical property back to life and committed the capital to ensuring quality work along the way. Smithouse’s Dave Smith says this “client’s passion for the home’s historical value and all of its details made this project a true gem for our team.”


Windows were another important feature of the home. The teams spent a lot of time refurbishing the windows in an effort to maintain what original ones we could. Wonderfully large fireplaces that were in keeping with the period also stayed in place. Doors and hardware were dipped to bring them back to their original state.

Brennan + Co’s designer Lili Mundroff recommended removing an old large chestnut tree from the property and we were able to mill it down and craft it for use in bar shelving, seating and beams within the home. Smithouse Carpenter Danny Knott made magic from this old tree that has now found a new life in different forms throughout the house including shelving, a bar and benches.


Interesting things were discovered along the way. The ground floor was rotting and damp and when we pulled up the flooring, we discovered tree trunks were helping hold up the home. After changing out the flooring and bringing it up to code,

we built a “truth window” in the floor which allows people to look into the original foundation of the home and see the old floor joists and trees that were used at the time of the original build in the 1800s.


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