Project Description

Project Overview

Every so often we are able to get our hands on a hot midcentury modern home, and this property in Pikesville definitely fell into this category for us. Smithouse was fortunate enough to partner with designer Elizabeth Cross-Beard of Jenkins-Baer, who always has great vision. Between her, our client and this awesome original 1950s structure, we had a great time “modernizing this midcentury modern.”

The scope of work was pages long. The renovation included gutting the kitchen and expanding it; opening up the overall floor plan; removing old school acoustical ceiling tiles and replacing them with sheetrock, updating the master bath into a full ensuite, painting the entire interior, replacing HVAC units, removing all of the old cast iron plumbing and replacing with PVC lines, and reworking the slope of the roof and the home’s entire drain and gutter system..

Site Lead, Mark Passerelli, when looking back on the project, reminisced about a few things he felt were memorable for him from this midcentury modern project. “Drywall in this house was a standout,” he said. “The house didn’t have any doorframes, casing or jams so our drywall cuts had to be completely perfect. Also, the walls didn’t have traditional base trim. The entire house had recessed base molding, almost like a toe kick, extending around the entire perimeter of the rooms. Because of this very particular type of styling, there was simply no room for error.”

Another highlight for Passerelli was the roof. Replacing the roof membrane, adjusting the slope of the roof and coordinating the drainage system was “literally like putting a puzzle together,” he said. “There was a total science to sloping the roof between foam boards, insulation, the membranes, and the edging.


  • Whole house renovation
  • Created a new floorplan for the entire first floor including kitchen, dining room pantry and mudroom
  • Installed new flooring throughout the entire house
  • Extensive basement remodel
  • Extensive drywall work including replacing all of the ceiling’s acoustical tiles with drywall
  • New roof installation
  • New HVAC system
  • Updated all the electric and plumbing
  • Painted the interior and exterior of the home
  • Replaced all windows that needed it so they would be operable
  • Redesigned and installed sliding doors from sunroom to back terrace


  • Shawn Saffran
  • Mark Passerelli