Project Description

Project Overview

A massive construction project didn’t phase this Roland Park family of four when they decided they were finally ready to upgrade parts of their home. In typical Smithouse fashion, we set our clients up for their six-month long renovation by relocating and creating a temporary kitchen in another part of the first floor and moving them into their third floor so they could “ride it out,” said Project Manager Shawn Saffran.

The project entailed changing the overall flow of the first floor, creating a new kitchen, converting an attached garage off the old family room into a new family room, adding a mudroom, relocating the laundry room to the second floor, renovating the kid’s bathroom and creating a new master suite (a total gut including new closets and beautiful trims).

Going the Extra Mile

“Because the client was living in the house during all of this, we really got to know the client,” said Saffran. “Our team became really fond of their Springer Spaniel Baron, and he was very much a part of the project. This awesome pooch definitely brought an added layer of love to our day to day in Roland Park.”

In addition, Smithouse is happy to report this project was a total homerun. The significant differences between the old and the new, the planning time spent between the client, Architect Patrick Jarosinski, and Smithouse, created a one of a kind, stellar product that will be enjoyed for years to come.

“The Smithouse team accomplished the impossible. They made a five-month, live-in renovation not only possible but enjoyable! We are so thrilled with the end result of our beautiful addition and renovations, but I am even more astonished that the process I dreaded for so long went so seamlessly. Even our dog (not to mention the family), who was the recipient of extra attention (and even walks) during the day, was in mourning when the Smithouse team left!

We can’t thank Dave, Shawn and the whole team enough for helping us realize our vision for our home. It has changed the way we live and only regret we did not do it sooner. I would not hesitate to hire the Smithouse team again and in fact are planning for phase II of our project. Smithouse is a real gem and will exceed your expectations and will help you achieve the house of your dreams.”


  • New main floor footprint
  • Garage conversion
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Master suite renovation
  • Children’s bathroom renovation
  • Laundry room
  • Mudroom addition


  • Shawn Saffran
  • Dave Stevens



  • Hensel Road Woodworks