Project Description

Project Overview

Baltimore Country Club (BCC) is known for “top in class” management of its club members, catering to their every need. We were aware club management, as well as membership, would have exacting expectations for their building projects when we submitted a proposal to help them with some facility upgrades at their Roland Park clubhouse location.

Needless to say we were very pleased when we learned we were the chosen contractor!

In the last few years we have completed two major updates for their Roland Park property.

Exacting Expectations

The first scope of work consisted of updating the rear landscaping to create an “outdoor living space” allowing the club to provide members with a new, usable “venue within the club” that could be used for additional member dining opportunities or events.

We committed to getting this major update done in time for wedding season, which meant we worked straight through one of the coldest winters on record. The bulk of the work was restorative in nature: removing a lot of concrete to make room for new, removing a retaining wall and updating walkways that had been falling apart.

This back exterior renovation was transformative, and we can happily say the club now regularly uses this new updated space. By making this investment to its space, they have seen a significant increase in revenue due to it being in high demand by members.

The second project we partnered with them on was an update to the front exterior of the Roland Park clubhouse. We removed the 1930’s façade in order to accommodate the addition of a new porte-cochere. “The previous one barely fit a Mini Cooper,” said Project Manager Kevin Atkinson. “Members needed an appropriate space at the front of the club where they could exit their cars and not be exposed to weather, especially since the Roland Park clubhouse is basically only open in the winter months!”

This project took about five months to complete and again, we were committed to completing this major member-facing update before wedding season started. It was important while adding on this new, very useful building component we still maintain the look of the original clubhouse.

Our sub-contractors consisted mainly of masons because of the stonework that was required. We used electricians, acoustical metal stud contractors and lots of skilled carpenters due to the sheer volume of wood trim needed to finish off the look.

We sandblasted the logo on the entryway windows and Smithouse Project Manager Kevin Atkinson re-glazed all the new windows himself to match the original panes.

While reminiscing about this job, Atkinson said a wedding popped up on the calendar at the last minute and needless to say, this BCC family did not want to have their wedding amidst a construction zone. So in typical Smithouse fashion, we came up with a solution to minimize the construction zone and do what we could to make sure the wedding photos were not against a backdrop of rubble and building equipment.

Atkinson said “we created a faux brick tarp and strung it up in front of the building – like a movie set- and laid down a big runway similar to what you see at the Academy Awards so everything was hidden.”

Everyone was happy and the bride and groom lived happily ever after.


  • Exterior patio and hardscape renovation
  • Exterior façade
  • Port-cochere addition
  • Foyer renovation


  • Kevin Atkinson
  • JP Pototschnik