Project Description

Project Overview

How does any homeowner recover from a devastating, extensive house fire and the extinguishing water damage associated with it? Moving to a temporary residence, dealing with lengthy insurance processes, and figuring out who to hire to bring their older home back to life were not easy undertakings, so we have to commend our clients who dug deep and rolled up their sleeves to put plans into motion. They started by hiring Doug Bothner, Principal, and Michael Westrate, Project Architect, of Ziger/Snead LLP, a Baltimore-based architecture firm known for tackling challenging and large-scale projects. The Smithouse team came on board to handle construction and renovations.

Addition and Subtraction

When the team found that the existing addition sustained significant structural damage and was not code compliant, the best solution was to tear it down and rebuild from the foundation up. Smithouse Project Manager Kevin Atkinson said, “We had to perform investigative analysis of structural issues, old wiring, worn pipes, and previous termite damage then fully correct these problems.” Being thorough over, under, and behind the walls is just as important as the work done in front of them. This gives peace of mind not only to every homeowner but to Ziger/Snead and Smithouse, where quality of work and client’s quality of life are priority one. Rebuilding the addition gave us the opportunity to expand the space to include a new master suite; our client had always talked about doing this as a future project. We were also able to level the floors. Our client was thrilled to learn they no longer had to shim the legs on one side of their furniture in the family room.

We uncovered walls with little to no insulation, which made for unbearably hot summers and freezing winters, especially in the kitchen and laundry room. Our client recalled having to keep the faucet in their laundry room trickling in the winter just so it wouldn’t freeze like an icicle. We foam insulated all the open walls as well as several unforeseen areas. After insulating and doing a complete remodel of the kitchen and laundry area, our client said it’s incredibly comfortable, even during the coldest of days.

To help rebuild a home, truly from the ashes, and transform it to a better version of its former self is 100% rewarding. To give our client a place they can call home again is…well, there is no percentage high enough for infinitely more rewarding.

“From the first time we met Dave Smith and Kevin, we knew we were in good hands. After suffering a house fire, we were thrown into an unexpected house renovation and insurance negotiations, as well as relocating our family. SH handled the details efficiently, professionally, and went above and beyond what we could imagine any other company doing. They advocated and negotiated on our behalf with insurance. They developed budgets and timelines and had weekly meetings to make sure the project was on track. They guided us and had clear and helpful communication throughout the one year process. They worked seamlessly with our architects. They were always available to troubleshoot and plan with us. The completed project is absolutely perfect. They made returning to our house a joy. I couldn’t have imagined that the finished product would be as beautiful and well constructed as it is, but it has surpassed our expectations. We can’t say enough about how outstanding they were and would work with them without hesitation in the future.”


  • Rebuilt foyer and main stairway
  • Rebuilt living room
  • Dining room finishes
  • Whole kitchen renovation
  • Rebuilt laundry room
  • Added master bedroom suite and sitting area
  • Added family room
  • New rear addition
  • New rear deck area
  • Details on the new addition roof and tying into the existing roof


  • Kevin Atkinson
  • Dave Stevens



  • Smithouse


  • Echelon


  • Virtuance