Meet the Team

  • Mac Alyea
    Mac Alyea
    Assistant Carpenter
  • Kristin Caprarola
    Kristin Caprarola
    Director of Administration
  • Mike Cox
    Mike Cox
    Site Lead
  • Nathaniel Kitchen
    Nathaniel Kitchen
    Site Lead
  • Dan Knott
    Dan Knott
  • Andy McGrath
    Andy McGrath
    Project Manager
  • Merritt Miller
    Merritt Miller
    Design Team Associate
  • Amber Milwee
    Amber Milwee
    Design Team Associate
  • Anna Morphey
    Anna Morphey
    Design Team Associate
  • Kyle Norton
    Kyle Norton
    Operations Manager | Handyman Division
  • JP Pototschnik
    JP Pototschnik
    Production Manager
  • Darin Rayzor
    Darin Rayzor
    Site Lead
  • Josh Rittler
    Josh Rittler
    Assistant Project Manager
  • Shawn Saffran
    Shawn Saffran
    Project Manager
  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith
    Administrative Assistant
  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith
  • Dave Stevens
    Dave Stevens
    Site Lead

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